The Best Way To Install Kitchen Cabinate Organizer Slide Out Shelves, Or Roll Out Trays.



slide out shelves



First of all, to install these types of storage for kitchen cabinate organizer slide out or roll out shelves, you will need to use an attachment on your drill for right angles as shown.



right angle drill attachment



When you're trying to find the right drill bit for the screw, hold the screw and a drill bit that you think is close up together in the light. The bit should be the same size as the shank of the screw without the threads, so the threads dig into the wood and there is enough room in the hole for the inner part of the screw.

Now put the roll out tray together with the runners and place the entire pull out shelves hardware assembly inside the cabinet. Put it exactly were you want it to go, making sure that the edge of the tray doesn't scrape the side of the cabinate when you pull it out, and also that the cabinate door closes completely, and that the whole tray looks square. When in the right place, carefully mark four of the screw holes on each side by tracing around the holes with a pencil (making circles, and use the big holes in the runners not the little ones, so you can adjust later) while not bumping the hardware out of place.



Take the whole roll out shelf assembly out of the cabinate and drill two of the four holes on each side, right in the middle of your pencil circles, You may need some kind of light source; I've found that a plug in mechanic's light works well. Now take the runners off the tray and put them inside the cabinet, starting the screws only.



shelves that slide out install



Next put the metal tray basket back on top of the rolling hardware and screw the screws in all the way, making sure that the entire assembly ends up exactly where it should go. There should be enough play in the screws to move it around till its right. In other words, the roll out tray moves in and out straight, the cabinate door closes all the way and it looks good.



kitchen cabinet sliding shelf hardware install



Lastly, take the sliding pull out tray off again and then drill the rest of the holes. Screw in the screws and put the tray back on. The reason for this seemingly round about process is that it is far easier to line up four holes then eight.

You Are Done!



kitchen shelf pull outs





Here are these types of pull out shelves on Amazon. I haven't installed this particular brand but they have a 4.7 out of 5 stars with 120 reviews at the time of this writing:


Household Essentials Extra-Deep Sliding Cabinet Organizer, Chrome, 14-1/2-Inch





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