How to Repair a Sagging Fence Gate - part 1



This page shows how to fix a sagging wooden fence gate that is sagging because the post it is hanging from is rotten at the base. If your actual gate is falling apart itself and the post is still good, you could just build a new one to the exact same dimensions and then follow the procedure below to rehang it, or try the cable bracing method with this: Stanley Hardware 76-0828 Anti-Sag Gate Kit

However, if your post is the cause, to proceed with this wood fence gate repair first measure the exact height of the top of the post, then remove the gate but leave the hinges completely attached to it.






Above is the hole after the gate has been removed and what I did was remove the old rotten post and reset a new post in the old plug. Please see the page that shows this process here:Repair a Fence,Also, don't cut the post, set the whole 8 foot length as shown, and obviously don't try to hang the gate before the concrete dry on the post.
















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