How to fix Patio and Driveway Cracks









You can repair cracks in concrete patios or driveways, (either regular concrete or aggregate as shown) and get them to almost disappear, but there is a trick to it.






To start your concrete patio or driveway repair, fill in any large holes with plain old concrete, as shown above. The concrete will be covered up by crack filler and the secret ingredient, sand.






As you can see this gray concrete crack filler stuff is usually very bright. If you just fill in the cracks with this repair product alone it really sticks out and still looks like a crack in my opinion.

To begin, carefully lay in about 2 feet of crack filler into the crack, go nice and slow so you don't make a mess, and then pour sand over it from a little bucket and kind of pound it in with your hands. Wait for it to dry a little bit so it is tacky, then carefully sweep off the sand and let the whole thing dry 24 hours. I found you have to do only about 2 feet at a time, especially in the hot sun or the crack filler will dry to much to accept the sand.

Here is another couple of before and after pictures showcasing this technique.


















The big hole that was filled with concrete shown in the beginning is towards the right of both pictures.







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